There is nothing much to really say and I'm not entirely sure how to word this nor do I want to go too long with this... so I'll just be concise.... or try to be.

      I have no muse for Jet, or writing Jet, or being on Tumblr, or doing anything here really. There's no particular reason for it nor is there anything i can do at the moment to bring forth my will to. Quite frankly I've given up trying and I am happier for it.

     With that being said, I am officially turning Jet into an archive blog. If you'd like my personal, here is the link. I'll still be on Skype, just not as much.

     It was a fun two years, and I appreciate all the partners I've had to make this experience wonderful, but with all good things, this must come to an end.

                                Later fuckers,


FreedomsOutcast has been Archived