shut up Sokka

"lmao you're such a fucking joke. you're copying another person on tumblr and its so funny that you used the same dates, but on another month. jfc you're so fucking full of yourself arent you? the ffw will not be a big thing because no one really likes them lmao just quit already wow"

Firstly, the only thing that I can be accused of copying is the idea of hosting an appreciation week. making an appreciation day, weekend, week, or month is not copying anybody— if that is the case everyone is copying everyone.

Secondly, the dates don’t conflict with any other A:tLA or LoK appreciations weeks. So there is not a problem.

Thirdly, people like the Freedom Fighters. People are willing and wanting to make things for the weekend. Just because you don’t necessary like them, doesn’t mean others don’t.

Fourthly, this better be the last message I ever receive from you. I have blocked and reported you countless times but you keep coming back and harassing me.

Send me another message and I will not be opposed to publicly outing you for who you actually are, usernames and all.


don’t compromise characters for the sake of your ship ʘ)

don’t make characters act out of character for the sake of your ship ʘ)

don’t villainize other love interests for the sake of your ships ʘ)




Help us choose what three prompts to have for Freedom Fighters Weekend (Aug 22-24)! You can take the short poll here and we’ll get back to you all with the prompts shortly!

Thank you all for your help!


Smellerbee from Avatar: The Last Airbender

I felt so in character climbing in that tree! 

(Photos were shot by my brother and edited by myself)


Mood Board Jet (AtLA)



Moodboard: 1/?

ill be back when im back


I want to see the splendor of people’s souls.

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  • 4 years roleplaying experience on tumblr.
  • Multiverse.
  • Very willing to do AUs.
  • Very open to interacting with canon characters, OCs, and crossovers.
  • Open to shipping.
  • Prefer to plot before starting a thread.
  • Mun is 18+. Interested in NSFW and SFW themes.
  • Mun is very friendly and loves people so stop in and say hello regardless!
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